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09.04.2023 - Happy Easter!

All of our team wishes you happy holidays and a wonderful Easter. We hope you can enjoy the Easter holidays with dear friends or family and spend a joyful time.

Our BLACK APRIL SALE also invites you to browse the Pohl Force Shop during the Easter weekend. Get a great 20% discount on selected knives and accessories in black. Whether the ultra-flat and sturdy Charlie Two and Charlie Three models or the compact and versatile knives of the Compact series.

Get also 20% discount on the last pieces of the masterly crafted MK-8 leather sheaths by GALCO - USA. By the way, you will get an exciting insight into the production of the unique leather sheaths made of Hermann Oak leather on Pohl Force Movie Knives:

Maybe your favorite knife will be one of them or you will find a great present for a person who is close to your heart. Delivery while stocks last. 

Click here for the Pohl Force BLACK APRIL SALE!

06.03.2023 - This summer: Bravo One | Two Classic

Bravo One | Two Classic - To celebrate Pohl Force's 15th anniversary, the popular Bravo One | Two Gen. 1 folding knife models are reissued.

Right from the very beginning, their size and compact shapes made them ideal companions for everyday use. And this has not changed to this day. Like the Alpha Two X on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company with the original handle design of the first generation. The new Classic Edition also features the other details such as the lock-back mechanism, the pocket clip that can be mounted on either the left or right side, and the two-handed opening of the blades.

It's not only Pohl Force that is celebrating an anniversary, but also designer and company founder Dietmar Pohl. At the beginning of the 1990s, now 30 years ago, he created his first knife designs on paper, which opened up a new chapter in his life. ATS-34 from the Japanese steel manufacturer Hitachi, a pendant to the American 154CM steel, was one of the most popular steels of the time. For nearly a decade, ATS-34 steel remained the first choice of custom knifemakers before powder metallurgy steel took off in the 2000s. On the occasion of the company's anniversary, Dietmar Pohl managed to obtain "his" steel again in a very limited quantity and use it for the Classic Edition of the Bravo One / Two. The very corrosion-resistant ATS-34 impresses with its outstanding sharpness and long edge retention.

The Bravo One and Bravo Two will be available in two different versions. Both Classic models are equipped with durable handle scales made of black GRP and a Spearpoint or Tanto blade. The appearance of the Bravo Classic Series is either elegant with black handles and two-tone finish (Stonewashed/Longitudinal Satin) blades or tactical military with Flat Dark Earth colored handles and Dark Stonewashed blades, depending on personal preference and application. All versions have the same outstanding usability for everyday use. Overall length 19.5 cm, blade length 8.3 cm blade thickness 3.5 mm. Weight 120 g.

The price for the Classic models will be 189,00 Euro (incl. 19% VAT). Expected to be available from summer 2023.

22.02.2023 - Now in stock: Quebec Two

The return of a Pohl Force classic which design origins go back to the 50's: the new POHL FORCE -QUEBEC TWO!

Developed as a Ground Forces Combat & General Purpose Weapon, the all-purpose knife was designed for the U.S. Marine Corps in the early 1950s. While officially never introduced, it clearly demonstrated its capabilities in the Vietnam War - mostly in the hands of U.S. Special Forces. Nearly 70 years after its first design, the modern Pohl Force interpretation of this classic represents the perfect fusion of classic old school design with modern high tech manufacturing.

Designer Dietmar Pohl revised the design of the Quebec One and added useful new details. One of these is the Pohl Force Pepper System, which allows survival items to be safely stored inside the handle. The new Quebec Two is also equipped with a very high quality Kydex® sheath with belt adapter and leg strap. Available with a exciting Dark Stonewashed finish or as a modern All-Black version.

The new Quebec Two is available in both versions now!

Quebec Two SW: further information
Quebec Two BK: further information

24.12.2022 - Merry Christmas 2022

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas and a year full of challenges is coming to an end. We would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust. With great anticipation we look forward to the year 2023 and the upcoming Pohl Force innovations. Be excited!

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, contemplative holidays with many wonderful experiences and for the New Year health, happiness and peace. 

Dietmar Pohl and the Pohl Force Team

01.12.2022 - Now in stock: MK-11 Last Blood Concept

Available now: MK-11 Last Blood® Concept

Over the last four years a remarkable third design for a LAST BLOOD - MOVIE KNIFE has been slumbering in Dietmar Pohl's personal design archive!

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the action series, we have decided to bring it to life in an edition of only 600 pieces worldwide: the MK-11 LAST BLOOD® CONCEPT

The distinctive design elements of the MK-9 are unmistakably reflected in the handle design of the new MK-11 - combined with a very impressive and massive 26.3 centimeter blade. The scope of delivery includes a very elaborately designed and manufactured Kydex® sheath with two leg straps. Optionally also available as a SET with the Pohl Force collector's pouch XXL.

Now in stock!

MK-11 Last Blood Concept: further information
MK-11 Last Blood Concept SET: further information

30.10.2022 - MK-9 First Blood Legacy.

World premiere at the place where it all began! This month, as part of First Blood's 40th anniversary celebration, we unveiled the new MK-9 FIRST BLOOD LEGACY at the original filming location in Hope, BC - Canada. 

With nearly 30 years of experience in the knife industry, Dietmar Pohl created by far his most personal knife ever with the MK-9 FIRST BLOOD LEGACY  It was a survival knife that captivated the designer 40 years ago in the movie "First Blood" and never let go. The design, the size, the functionality and of course the use of the knife in the hands of a fighter and survival expert left a previously unimagined impression. What followed was an unprecedented career in the knife industry, which led an astonishing 36 years after the German premiere of the film "First Blood" to Dietmar Pohl developing the knife for "Last Blood" precisely for his action hero. Which closed a circle for him personally after decades.

However, two things that have always preoccupied designer Dietmar Pohl over the years remained unfinished: First, he always wanted to travel to the place where the action of the film "First Blood" took place, and second, he wanted to develop a survival knife that would create a link between the films "First Blood" and "Last Blood." On the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebrations in the town of Hope in the province of British Columbia, Canada, which was the setting for the film "First Blood", the opportunity arose to visit as well as to develop a unique survival knife.

Expected to be available Spring/ Summer 2023. More information about the MK-9 FIRST BLOOD LEGACY you will find already on

22.10.2022 - Exciting news for all MOVIE KNIFE fans!

The MK-11 Last Blood® Concept!

In the film "Last Blood®," the former Special Forces and Vietnam fighter uses a variety of different combat knives. More than in any other film in the five-part action series (1982-2019). Designers Dietmar Pohl and Stoil Manchev were given the great privilege of using unusual and contemporary designs. Impressively staged by the main actor, they already count among true classics.

Over the past four years, a third MOVIE KNIFE concept design has been slumbering in Dietmar Pohl's very personal design archive. Due to the enormously short lead time to filming in the fall of 2018, it had no longer been possible to realize it and present it to the film star and the production team.

In July 2022, however, Dietmar Pohl surprised the action hero on his 76th birthday with the first prototype of the MK-11, which can be both a tool and a weapon. In the fall of 2022, the legendary action series will celebrate its 40th anniversary (1982-2022). For this special occasion, Pohl Force is producing the MK-11 concept design in a numbered and strictly limited series of only 600 pieces worldwide.

Expected to be available November/ December 2022. More information about the MK-11 LAST BLOOD® CONCEPT you will find already on

28.08.2022 - Exclusively signed by Stoil Manchev and Dietmar Pohl!

Just a few days ago, knifemaker and designer Stoil Manchev visited us at the Pohl Force headquarters to prepare the sales launch together with us. 

For the launch of the MK-10 LAST BLOOD® this Sunday, Stoil Manchev and Dietmar Pohl have personally signed 50 Kydex sheaths. You will find the knives with signed Kydex® in our store as a separate article "Signature Series". PLEASE NOTE: available only while stocks last.

Further information: MK-10 LAST BLOOD® - Signature Series

24.08.2022 - MK-10 Last Blood

MK-10 LAST BLOOD - The dagger!

We are happy to introduce you the MK-10 Last Blood in cooperation with friend and custom Knifemaker Stoil Manchev from Manchev Knives. Along with the MK-8 and MK-9, the dagger is the missing piece for movie knife fans. With its stainless Damascus steel blade and the exceptionally designed handle, which also allows a look at the exciting Damascus structure, it is a real eye-catcher! 

The authentic MOVIE KNIFE - exclusively only by Pohl Force and as Stoil Manchev Custom Version available! The MK-10 LAST BLOOD will be available soon. 

22.08.2022 - Last chance: Tactical Nine SW (FDE)

Also the stonewashed version of the Tactical Nine enjoys great demand. For this reason, we would like to inform you that only a few Tactical Nine SW are still available from stock. If you want to get your hands on one, don't wait too long. Delivery while stocks last. 

Further information: Tactical Nine SW (FDE)

28.07.2022 - Last Chance: Tactical Nine BK

We only have a few knives of the TACTICAL NINE BK left in stock. If you want to get your hands on one, don't wait too long. Delivery while stocks last. 

Further information: TACTICAL NINE BK

07.07.2022 - New and in stock: the Mike Seven in the Dark Stonewashed Ti version! Inspired by the appearance of the famous MK-9.

Powder metallurgical CPM S35VN steel, high quality canvas composite and solid titanium are the ingredients of the new MIKE SEVEN series. The first run of the Flamed Titanium version was already sold out within a few days.

The new MIKE SEVEN DARK STONEWASHED TI is a throwback to our famous Movie Knife No. 9: the blade in the modern two-tone finish of the MK-9 and the handle scales also made of robust green canvas composite. Designer Dietmar Pohl has chose a special Dark Stonewashed finish for the titanium surfaces of the knife.

In the realization of his exciting new design, designer Dietmar Pohl relies on the interplay of high-precision CNC manufacturing, modern materials and traditional craftsmanship. The MIKE SEVEN impresses with its very distinctive appearance. The 10 centimeter long Spear-Point blade with a fine two-tone finish, the solid handle made of titanium with integral construction or an impressive backspacer are just a few exciting details of the new MIKE SEVEN.

The brand-new MIKE SEVEN DARK STONEWASHED TI is in stock now! As a model of the Pohl Force EXCLUSIVE line it is exclusively available in the Pohl Force online store.

The Pohl Force MK-9 for your pocket!

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