The POHL FORCE philosophy is to offer the customer a product that reflects the highest standards in design, material, production and quality while at the same time at an affordable price. Not an easy goal to achieve, but in the age of globalization, feasible. The solution can be found at the doorstep, or abroad. The world-wide transfer of production lines and know-how make it possible. This does not mean that just any supplier comes in question. Only the thoroughly and carefully selected producer is authorized to use the POHL FORCE trademark.


POHL FORCE differentiates between two distinct design categories: The first comprises of the complete new development of a product from scratch. This starts, as it has always been, with pencil and paper. Countless hours are spent drawing lines and radii, erasing them, and repeating this over and over again until the sought form has been found. With this desired design a wooden copy is made of robust cardboard. Only when this paper knife passes the first test based on an overall impression can the most important part of the design follow: the scale model production of a knife prototype. POHL FORCE uses here, as tradition dictates, wood, that allows it to be brought to the exactly wanted form. Only now is it clear, if the design law “form follows function” has been adhered to. This draft model, in its three dimensional form, provides the chance to properly evaluate its size, feel in the hand and further production possibilities. When these criteria have been met, the prototype moves to the next phase of the design process, which involves the creation of a CAD model and determining production steps.

The second design category is comprised of the series manufacture of a knife, that is produced as a custom knife from a knife maker. This knife needn’t be made from bottom up but rather an already existing model can. The difficulties do not arise at this point but later. A handmade knife goes through production steps that a machine produced knife cannot implement. This is the art of the CAD designer – to develop a rational and economically viable series version that may not deviate more than slightly from the handmade customized piece.


POHL FORCE uses only high-grade material in its production. Whether it be steel, synthetics or natural material like wood or leather. The POHL FORCE knives are first and foremost made to be employed and are designed accordingly. Many soldiers and police officers purchase their knives out of pocket knowing that this prized knife could be damaged, or in the worst case, lost. The POHL FORCE CEO Dietmar Pohl has heard not only one story from the soldier whose knife was lost in a tank or helicopter. This is why the knife must be affordable. A lot of knife makers outdo themselves internationally with blades made of powder-metallurgical steels, that are supposed to be sharper, have a higher breaking resistance and are more corrosion resistant. Along with the nice marketing effect these knives come with disadvantages: they cannot be sharpened as well, the raw material costs are greater and the accompanying production costs are higher. POHL FORCE follows the philosophy of the American knife making legend Jimmy Lile who viewed 440 C and D2 steel as the optimal steels in all application areas. A steel that can be sharpened with the simplest of means and affordable in the production is a win-win for the customer.


POHL FORCE ensures that the contracting partners in Germany, Taiwan and Italy only deliver the best quality. The professional users especially rely on the functionality and reliability of their knives in use. Therefore, each and every knife is thoroughly inspected by the POHL FORCE Team and provided a control certificate.